ICICI Prudential Future Perfect Plan

ICICI Prudential Future Perfect Plan


ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan is a non-linked insurance plan that enables savings as well as provides you the comfort of guarantees. Under this plan, you receive Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (GMB), accumulated Guaranteed Additions (GAs), reversionary bonuses, and terminal bonus, if any. The plan also offers a life cover with a flexibility to choose the Sum Assured, premium payment term, and premium payment frequency as per your requirement.


ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan offers you both security and growth of your money. This plan invests a part of your premiums in equity and debt funds which offers your money the opportunity to grow. And at the same time, it guarantees that your money will stay safe.

ICICI Prudential Future Perfect Plan

The ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan offers dual assurance of life cover as well as guaranteed benefits, along with additional bonuses that help you build an investment corpus. It is an ideal savings and protection plan that will help you to achieve your goals and secure your family’s future in your absence. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance believes in customer satisfaction before anything else. The company focuses on implementing cost-effective products, offering high quality of services, deliver consistent fund performance and  a hassle-free experience.


Major benefits of ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan:


  • Safety of Capital protectionto ensure your investment is safe.
  • It offers life coverto protect your loved ones in your absence.
  • Guaranteed additions and bonusesoffered by the company from the very first year.
  • Tax benefits to add to your savings.


Key Features of ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan


  • Guaranteed amount paid on policy maturity
  • Plan has accrued Guaranteed Additions (GAs)
  • Tax benefits apply to premiums paid and benefits received

Additional Benefits you get from ICICI Pru Future Perfect


  • Death Benefit:Under the Future Perfect Plan, Death Benefit is payable to the nominee on the death of the Life Assured. It is paid either as Sum Assured plus GAs, or Minimum Death Benefit, whichever is higher.  Minimum Death Benefit is equivalent to 105% of total premiums paid.


  • Maturity Benefit: On survival of the Life Assured, Maturity Benefit is granted to the surviving policyholder at the end of the policy term, provided all premiums are paid on time. It is payable as GMB along with GAs and other bonuses, or 100.1% of annualised premiums, whichever is higher. GMB is decided at the beginning of the policy and is decided by policy term, premium payment term, age, gender, etc.
  • Surrender Benefit: The policy acquires a surrender value after payment of three full years of premium in case the PPT of the policy is 10 years or above. For PPT below 10 years, surrender value is acquired after two years of premium payment.
  • Loan Benefit: Once the policy reaches a surrender value, you are eligible to take a loan under the policy. You can take up to 80% of the surrender value as a policy loan. In case, the policyholder availing a loan fails to repay it by the specified date, the policy is foreclosed and all benefits and interest are considered void.

·         Tax Benefits – Under the Future Perfect Plan, policyholders can avail tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.


Suicide Clause: If the Life Assured commits suicide within a year from the date of inception of the policy, the nominee is entitled to get 80% of the premiums paid. In case the incident occurs within a year from policy revival, either 80% of premiums paid till the date of death or surrender value, whichever is higher is payable.


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